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Frequently Asked Questions

I Can't Open OneSim Client

Temporarily disable your Windows Defender and antivirus, then run the installer. If the problem persists, try using compatibility mode.

How to Install the Product I Bought?

Go to your Order History and download the product files, or follow the instructions mentioned.
You may need to manually add the product to your scenery library on the desired platforms.

Do We Store User Passwords in Plain Text?

Absolutely not. When you sign up or create a password, your password is stored as a one-way hash. This is a computation on your password that cannot be reversed, providing extra security. No one but you can know your password.

Product Supports SODE Jetway, but the Object Didn't Show Up

  • Make sure SODE is already installed on your device. You can download it here.
  • Start the SODE Platform Manager and make sure there are no errors.
  • Try redownloading on Order history > Install > Select Platform "SODE" > Install
  • Ensure that the product files are installed correctly in the desired directory.
Last modified 1mo ago